Cables & Wires

We offer a high-quality extensive range of cables and wires such as control and instrumentation cable, ethernet cable and equipment wire. Here you will also find specialist halogen free cables including speaker cable, coaxial cable and fibre, ribbon and high temperature cable. We stock all the accessories you will need from heat shrink, and other cable protection products, to cable ties and labelling systems.

What is the difference between Cables & Wires?

Cables & Wires are terms used in electrical and communication applications. Cables are typically a series of wires bonded, braided or twisted together then combined with an outer sheath.

A wire is typical a single metal rod or strand found in virtually every electrical or electronic application. Both carry electrical current or a telecommunication signals and we offer a comprehensive range of Cables & Wires to suit your needs.

RoHS Compliant

Our products are RoHS Compliant. We have taken all reasonable steps to confirm this statement. Information relates only to products sold on or after the date certificates.

Application Information

Cables & Wires are widely used to power appliances and your electrical equipment. Typical televisions, washing machines, PCs, smartphones, tablets and IT devices. We supply an extensive range of cable and wires in electrical power, audio, network and telecommunication applications.