RS PRO Hand Ratcheting Crimping Tool for Terminal

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Brand RS PRO

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RS PRO Hand Ratcheting Crimping Tool for Terminal

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Product details

RS Hand Crimp Tool for Flag Crimp Terminals

This trusted RS Pro hand crimp tool for flag crimp terminals. This right-angled hand crimp tool is designed for 250 F type flag crimp terminals with a wire size range of 0.5 to 2.0mm²/ 22AWG to 10 AWG. (F type crimp terminal 488-1336). The tool is designed to provide consistent and reliable crimp connections on end splices/ferrules wires. The flag terminal crimper features soft grip handles and a light-weight robust body, resulting in a durable and easy to use crimping tool.

Features and Benefits
• Versatile and easy to use for right hand or left hand users
• Non-slip main handle and low friction moving handle ensue a comfortable hand grip
• Provides two-hand grip in the final phase of crimping, increasing comfort and productivity
• Full cycle crimp mechanism to ensure consistent, reliable crimp
• Ratchet release mechanism to clear mis-crimps and obstructions
• Precision eccentric adjustment for consistent performance and ability to calibrate
• Durable: life span exceeds 50000 cycles

Typical Applications
Crimping tools can be used for a variety of applications:-
• Maintenance & repair
• Electrical Installations
• Cable assemblies

How to maintain the product?
• To maintain a good function and long life: Axles and other movable parts should be regularly lubricated
• Lubrication* is recommended at least every 10,000 cycles whenever tool is exposed to dirt or other contaminants
• Adjustment of the crimping die nests should also be checked. Readjustment of the pressure adjustment axle is necessary when the pre-load of the tool decreases significantly

*Use a light mineral-free oil

The Importance of a High-Quality Crimp
When a crimping tool is used on a terminal, two crimps take place at the same time. One is the electrical connection between the conductor and terminal. The other is the insulation crimp which provides strain relief against vibration and tension. It is important that the electrical connection is gas tight without any voids between the wire strands and the terminal. If there any voids present, then corrosion can occur causing resistance and excessive heat which damages the electrical connection. Using a good quality crimping tool will ensure that a full, gas tight crimp is produced preventing future deterioration of the electrical connection and insulation breakage.

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