MIG Welders

MIG Welders are the most universal and common welding machines on the market. They are suitable for welding anything from tin gauge metal sheets to heavy steel pipes.
How does it work?
MIG in an abbreviation of Metal Insert Gas and means that gas is required for a proper operation. The Gas is stored in a tank and during the welding process is delivering through a pipe to the nozzle. It creates a protective cloud around the arc as you’re welding. MIG welders have a several power output settings and can be easily adjusted to the desired level.
Types of MIG welding:
• Short Circuit Transfer type means that welding wire touches the metals, electricity goes through the gun and creates a short circuit. The welding wire melts itself and drips on the metal and joint between the workpieces. For this process, the Carbon Dioxide shielding gas and low voltage are required. Only the minimum amount of gas is required which makes the welding process inexpensive.
• Globular Transfer is a type of welding where the wire melts down, gets collected at the tip of the gun and then drips onto the joint. High voltage and argon shielding gas are required for proper operation.
• Spray Transfer means that wire melts into very fine droplets and gets sprayed on the joints like a mist. It is archived with a combination of high voltage and argon gas. This type of welding produces clean and high-quality weld but the process is quite expensive as the expensive gas is required to achieve proper results.
• Pulsed Spray Transfer is a combination of globular and spray transfers. It guarantees the highest quality welds but can be archived by using high-end MIG welders only.
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