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Part Details Brand Paper Size Stored Colour Material Depth Height Width
Esselte File Box, 345 x 80 x 245mm Esselte A4, Foolscap White Corrugated Board 245mm 345mm 80mm
Esselte File Box, 365 x 550 x 255mm Esselte - White Corrugated Board 255mm 365mm 550mm
BANKERS BOX 100MM FOLIO T/FILE-GREY Fellowes A4, Foolscap Grey - 261.87mm 366.78mm 128.52mm
Esselte File Box, 352 x 150 x 250mm Esselte - White - 250mm 352mm 150mm
Leitz Archive Box, 259 x 410 x 350mm Leitz A4, Foolscap Black Fibre Board 370mm 282mm 356mm
STORAGE BOX CLICK &STORE - SMALL- BLACK Leitz A3 Black Laminated Robust Hardboard (PP) 482mm 200mm 369mm
BANKERS BOX MAGAZINE FILE-GREY Fellowes A4 Grey - 668.02mm 802.64mm 205.74mm
BANKERS BOX EARTH HEAVY DUTY BOX (FSC) Fellowes A4, Foolscap Brown - 400mm 291mm 342mm
BANKERS BOX EARTH LGE STORAGE BOX Fellowes - Brown - 470mm 270mm 335mm
BANKERS BOX FILE STORE MODULE-GREY Fellowes A4, Foolscap Grey - 290.58mm 400.05mm 579.37mm
BANKERS BOX HEAVY DUTY BOX-GREY Fellowes A4, Foolscap Grey - 404mm 335mm 299mm
BANKERS BOX LGE STORAGE BOX-GREY Fellowes A4, Foolscap Grey - 444.5mm 293.62mm 387.35mm
BANKERS BOX PREMIUM TALL BOX - WG Fellowes A4, Foolscap Brown - 400.05mm 303.28mm 341.38mm
BANKERS BOX PREMIUM TALL BOX-BLUE Fellowes A4, Foolscap Blue - 400.05mm 303.28mm 341.38mm
Esselte File Box, 352 x 100 x 250mm Esselte - White - 250mm 352mm 100mm
FELLOWES STORAGE BOX GREY Fellowes A4, Foolscap Grey - 404mm 335mm 292mm
Leitz Archive Box, 220 x 325 x 325mm Leitz - Black Fibre Board 325mm 220mm 325mm
STORAGE BOX CLICK &STORE - LARGE- BLACK Leitz A5 Black Laminated Robust Hardboard (PP) 282mm 160mm 220mm
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