Ventilator Solution

Power your medical design with Microchip


Microchip Ventilator

Two important building blocks in ventilator design are power and sensing sub-systems. Explore a curated list of electrical components from Microchip to complete your design. Find development kits & demo boards, BLE & WiFi Modules, power management IC's, and more.

Development Kits

Feature Components

Analog Frontend ICs 

The range includes: 

  • Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • 24 Bit ADC
  • Digital Potentiometers

Power Management ICs 

The range includes: 

  • Boost Converters
  • Supervisor

Battery Charge Controller ICs

The range includes:

  • MCP73123
  • MCP73831
  • MCP73871

Microchip Ventilator Article

Dive deeper into Microchip's power and sensing sub-systems.


OxVent Ventilator Solution

An interdisciplinary team from Oxford University and Kings College London have worked together to develop a new ventilator prototype.

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