Oximeter Solutions

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Oximeter Solutions
As the need for pulse oximeters has grown across the world, we have worked together with our partners to offer you the components and designs needed to create your own.

What is an Oximeter?

An oximeter measures oxygen saturation which is a key indicator of respiratory system efficiency. Medical professionals use oximeters as a less intrusive method to read oxygen saturation.

Pulse Oximeters must have a power connection, display, sensing abilities, interconnect abilities, and be able to protect its sensitive components.

Find a range of selected semiconductors, protection devices, passive components and connector components to design an oximeter.

Advanced Semiconductors

Passive Components & Connectors

Analog Semiconductors and Protection Devices

Maxim Integrated's Oximeter Solution

Join Kamilla as she walks us through an oximeter solution from Maxim Integrated.
Oximeter Solution - Microchip

Kamilla from DesignSpark covers ON Semiconductor's oximeter solution.
Pulse Oximeter Solution from ON Semiconductor

Kamilla from DesignSpark covers ON Semiconductor's oximeter solution.
Real World B.O.M for Oximeters

A customers shares their bill-of-matierals for a new oximeter design. 

Unboxing RSL10 Sensor Dev Kit from ON Semiconductor

Sam takes a first look at the new RSL10-SENSE-GEVK Sensor Development Kit from ON Semiconductor.

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