Marine & Offshore

Harsh environments and extreme conditions require quality products and a reliable distribution service. Whether you work in a port, on a vessel or on an offshore platform, RS holds the offer to ensure you maintain productivity and efficiency.

Certificates from classification societies for ships and offshore structures

RS Components is working closely with our suppliers to provide Marine & Offshore customers with the relevant brands and products for their repair and maintenance procedures.

We offer thousands of products which hold the required certification and documentation, They can be easily downloaded from the technical reference areas on the RS websites or from the Product Data Library available on DesignSpark.

Experts at Export

International shipments and billing are handled by our our award winning Export department who can manage all of your custom documentation. We specialise in hazardous packaging to IATA standards and our processes and paperwork are designed around your needs, to help save you time, and money.

Our Export department also provides various purchasing and payment options, including the choice of currency in addition to technical support offered by qualified engineers. Our knowlege extends to cross referencing support using the IMPA Marine Stores Guide.

Related Technologies

Selected products with ATEX approvals

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ATEX / IECEx approvals for a safe environment

It is essential to also consider products that are Atex / IECEx certified for use within hazardous area environments adding peace of mind for your teams. RS offer a huge range of approved products from leading brands across many technologies.

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IP marking and corrosion resistance

In some areas of marine and offshore ATEX approvals or ship builder certifications are not neccessary. However, to ensure long lifetime and electrical safety of the equipment it is recommended to consider corrosion resistant material and/or products with a certain IP rating.

RS offers thousands of products from different technology areas which come with IP ratings up to IP69K. There is also a wide field of corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel or brass available which allow maintenance engineers and buyers to select the most suitable product for their application.

Personal Protection Equipment

The last but obviously not the least area to consider is personal protection equipment, particularly for staff that work in marine and offshore environments.

Working at extreme heights with strong winds and abnormal temperatures makes it neccessary to have the right equipment with approved quality. From safety glasses, to helmets, overalls, falls arrests, gloves, safety shoes and protection masks, RS offers an extensive range all from leading brands.

RS to ports worldwide

RS can work with you and Shipserv to ensure the best delivery solution for your needs. Shipserv is one of the most commonly used market places and service providers for marine and offshore customers. You will find the full range from RS (Shipserv TNID: 58341) listed at shipserv. If you do not know shipserv, but are curious to understand the benefits which two strong partners can provide, making your job and ordering process more efficient, please view the following video:

RS Pro products for Marine & Offshore

RS Pro gives you an ever-expanding choice of around 40,000 quality-tested products engineered for demanding manufacturing and industrial environments. Below are just some highlights from our range that we have selected for our Marine & Offshore customers.

Choose quality, performance and value without compromise

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