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The world never stands still

Supporting engineers for 80 years

In one respect, it is human nature to resist change. We like things to be familiar. We can be more efficient, more confident, more comfortable when we know how things work. But the world, particularly the technology world, never stands still.

RS has a fascinating heritage dating back to 1937 in the UK. Initially Radiospares, we moved into electronic components in 1954, and today have operating companies in 30 countries across Europe,. North America and Asia. We are a familiar name in many markets, as the place where engineers can buy virtually anything they need, with no minimum order and next day delivery. Our 'catalogue' has evolved from printed doorsteps, to CD's, to a comprehensive web-based catalogue and online ordering service.

Since the business was launched 70 years ago, our customers have needed to innovate to differentiate their products and stay competitive. To support these design engineers, right through the product lifecycle, we as a distributor have strived to be innovative, adapting to change, both in terms of the products we supply and the way in which these are presented and delivered.

Our transactional website launched as an industry-first in 1998, and we were also the first in the industry to launch an inspiring community for design engineers in 2010 - DesignSpark.com - that now boasts over half a million users. Many of our core values remain unchanged: dedication to providing the broadest range, readily available and for the best value for money. But today, as we celebrate 70 years of business operations, we provide so much more, as we continue to change and improve.

Today we not only inspire and nurture future engineers via RS Live and RS University, we are actively re-engaging with our customers and suppliers by taking action on their feedback. With an increased focus on innovation, broader service offerings, we are making amazing things happen, yet. keeping things simple. Our unique offering is our heritage - to continue to be focussed on excelling at the basics. This is combined with a continued passion for innovation, keeping abreast of new technologiees to meet changing customers needs, enhanced with a respected approach to corporate responsibility.

Having been supporting the imagination of engineers for 70 years, we continue to bring innovative products that inspire new solutions to tomorrow's challenges.

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